Rene deserves praise in her own right as a singer/songwriter. Her voice is passionate and mature, her words heartfelt. – Guardian

Rene has a beautiful romantic & soulful voice, and the tracks she has chosen for her new release make relaxing late-night listening. – QUBE from Quintessentially

We find the Rene Byrd brand really interesting, especially the business approach used when cross branding with her sponsors. Rene is an inspiration to other up and coming independent artists. – PRS (UK copyright Collection Society for Songwriters)

The Aruna Seth shoes perfectly harmonize with Rene’s style of elegance and high-class sophistication; both of which are expressed in her appearance as well as in her music. – Aruna Seth

Rene’s a fan of my work and I’m definitely a great fan of her music, charm and style. I enjoy creating every single piece for her. – Katherine Elizabeth

Rene Byrd is one of the most exciting upcoming talents in the music industry who represents a flawless yet natural beauty: we are extremely proud to be one of her sponsors. – Fashion Fair 

Aiisha Couture is a brand that embraces simplicity, quality and beauty. As we receive a high number of requests we can consider those that 100% fit with our brand image. When selecting we pay special attention to x,y.z We are very selective when it comes to working with celebrities or especially emerging talents. However, when we were approached to be a part of Rene's rising career, it was a great opportunity as Rene is not only talented, but also reflects what Aiisha stands for. We wish Rene all the success and we know that she will get it. – Aiisha Couture